Rapid File Defragmentor

Rapid File Defragmentor 1.4

This utility uses Windows' defragmentation API to defragment individual files
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Rapid File Defragmentor is not a typical defragmentation program. Instead of focusing on entire disk drives, this software is designed to operate with individual files. An interesting feature is the ability to move the files to the start or the end of the disk partition. The logic behind this is to keep those unimportant data at the end that are rarely accessed, while maintaining the often-accessed data at the start. This means that the physical reading heads of your hard disk will have to move less to read files that are often used.
To defragment a set of files, you can add them to a profile and manually execute the operation whenever you need to or schedule the action. The software can also analyze the disk and find fragmented files. The searching operation is time-consuming though.
For easy and fast access, the application adds a new feature to the Windows context menu. When you right-click on a file or set of files, you can select “Defragment file” which will execute the operation without even opening the program’s window.
The application uses Windows’ defrag API, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because it is relatively safe and fast but it’s a curse because it is not very effective. It all depends on the type of fragmentation.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Fast defragmenting
  • Fast access with the feature added in the context menu
  • Scheduler


  • Very slow disk analysis
  • Not always effective
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